Growing Your Money: The Best Modern Investment Opportunities

Many of us would like to have more money. If you’re keen to supplement your income and you’re searching for investment opportunities, you may be wondering where to spend your cash. There are various options available to investors in the modern age. Here are some of the best bets.


Real estate

Real estate has long been an appealing option for those keen to increase the value of their estate and generate additional income. Real estate tends to hold its value very well, and there is usually a good chance of adding value, especially if you’re not reliant on a quick sale. There are market fluctuations, which mean that it’s better to buy or sell at certain times, but generally speaking, if you invest in bricks and mortar, you stand a good chance of making money. The latest statistics from the US suggest that demand for houses is increasing, which is pushing prices up both for buyers and those who rent. If you’re an investor looking to let your property out, or you’re keen to sell at some point, you could earn substantial profits. Figures from the National Association of Realtors suggest that prices will increase by up to 5 percent in 2019. When searching for a property, research the local market extensively, and consider the target buyer. Negotiate on the price, and look for the potential to add value. Cosmetic makeovers, adding loft rooms and extensions, and renovating kitchens and bathrooms can all prove lucrative. If you can’t afford to buy in established real estate hot spots, look for up and coming areas where house prices are likely to rise quicker than average.

Stocks and shares

If you’re looking to invest in the markets, it’s wise to be aware of the risks involved. The stock market can create millionaires, even billionaires, but not everyone has a happy tale to tell. If you don’t have experience of investing, or you’re not sure where to put your money, it’s beneficial to make use of investing software and to seek advice from somebody who does have in-depth knowledge of the market. Often, timing is crucial. You need to know when to buy, but also when to sell. If you cash out at the wrong time, or you purchase shares too soon or too late, you could miss out on massive profits or lose money.

Personal investment

If you’ve got extra cash lying around, and you’re keen to use it to increase your income in the years ahead, have you considered investing in yourself? It might sound cliche, but if you spend money on training and education, you could set yourself up for a promotion, a better job and increased earnings.

Many of us have a desire to increase our income. If you’ve got money set aside, you might be thinking of ways you can expand that pot. There are various options, including stocks and shares and real estate, but it’s also worth looking at investing in yourself and your future career. Whatever you decide to invest in, always ensure you carry out extensive research and don’t be afraid to seek expert advice.

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