Useage of beautiful pics by webmasters

There are things like beautiful pictures and photographs which might bring in the traffic to your website and sometimes even returning visitors looking for it. I have heard cases where putting some beautiful girls pics started bringing in 3 times more traffic then before for a webmaster I met on one bulletin board. So it might be a good idea to use those pics, right? Who knows it might be good but as usual I again like to think negative first of all.

Most of the good PPC programs are not allowing porn pics or porn content on the site. Now even if the beautiful bikini pics are good enough and are family friendly, they the PPC companies are the ones who will decide if they want to allow it or not.

Second thing would be rights. Some people just save the images they see anywhere and paste it on their own website without worrying much about the rights of the original owner. They don’t even know who that girl is or which photographer took her pic and who holds the rights to the pics if it has any.

The most hilarious and dumb thing I have ever seen is some webmasters using the pics for themselves. They think this will bring in more traffic. But that is not the case.

I will mention one of my experience here: I visited one forum and I had immense interest in that topic but still I was not feeling good over there. Why because the admin himself was using a beautiful girl’s pic and was passing himself as a girl who lives just in your town. So maybe you can meet her or take the relationship to the next step. This shows the mind set of the webmaster himself. First of all a big lie about his gender. Secondly don’t know if he was a girl he might be that beautiful of not. People out there are not always dumb and can make out that it is totally fake identity. Which in return kills the trust that a visitor had and thus it affects the business.

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